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Dovewell Oilfield Services Limited proudly stands as a wholly Nigerian-owned entity within the dynamic realm of oil and gas services. Our core mission revolves around leveraging our specialized technical prowess and nurturing a motivated team of professionals to make meaningful contributions to Nigeria’s Petroleum and Energy sector, as well as the broader West African region. Renowned as a bastion of technology, creativity, and expertise, we excel in problem-solving within the Petroleum industry.

At the heart of our operation lies an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, experience, and proficiency in the oil industry, both within Dovewell Oilfield Services Limited and among our esteemed Principals. Helmed by a cadre of seasoned professionals boasting over 25 years of collective hands-on and top-tier management experience across all facets of upstream oil and gas operations, including Petroleum, Mechanical, Production Engineering, and Materials Procurement, we are fortified by the expertise of our affiliates and technical partners.

Dovewell Oilfield Services Limited aspires to be a formidable force and a significant contributor across the entire value chain of the oil & gas industry, with a strategic focus on Nigeria and the broader West African region. Our commitment is to deliver innovative solutions to our clients’ technical challenges and to offer comprehensive project management services as required. Embracing a culture of focused, innovative, and entrepreneurial management, we prioritize effective service delivery to our clientele through collaborative teamwork and streamlined business and information technology systems. We are duly registered with key regulatory bodies in Nigeria, including the Directorate of Petroleum Resources (DPR), as well as major oil companies operating within the country.

Headquartered in Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Dovewell Oilfield Services Limited has plans for further expansion with the establishment of branches in other West African countries. Our Port Harcourt office serves as the nerve center for logistical and supplier liaison activities, while also providing convenient access to original equipment manufacturers and technical partners, thus facilitating seamless operations across our network.

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