Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


In our commitment to fostering a more cohesive and vibrant society, our social responsibility initiatives unfold across various phases and levels. Dovewell Oilfield Services Limited is poised to enhance its production and services by acquiring under-developed oil blocks in established locations, leveraging advanced and proven technologies in the near future.

Simultaneously, we remain steadfast in our dedication to social responsibility, particularly toward underprivileged individuals and communities. We pledge to allocate a percentage of our earnings to facilitate the development of infrastructure and other social amenities for the benefit of the masses.

Our proposed support initiatives encompass:

Support for Professional Organizations:

Dovewell Oilfield Services Limited will extend its support to seminars, lectures, workshops, and programs organized by corporate bodies to promote awareness and excellence in professionalism within their respective fields.

Educational Infrastructure:

We are committed to providing long-term support for educational development, including building renovations, furnishing classroom blocks, technical workshops, teachers’ accommodation, and provision of computer equipment and electric power generators to educational institutions as needed.

Arts and Culture:

Reflecting our reverence for Nigerian values, customs, and traditions, we intend to sponsor community festivals and other cultural activities, thereby fostering the preservation and celebration of local heritage.

Community Infrastructure:

We will contribute to the development of community infrastructure, including borehole drilling, establishment of libraries, provision of free healthcare services, and setting up of computer centres, all aimed at supporting the well-being and empowerment of youth in our operating communities.

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