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Vessel Cleaning
Dovewell Oilfield Services Limited has developed a range of technologies and methods using automated and semi-automated tank cleaning heads, vacuum transfer systems and other pumping solutions to clean tanks and vessels either remotely or with minimum man entry.

All tank and vessel entries are potentially dangerous therefore where practical; operatives will use remote cleaning/flushing techniques. if and when confirmed space entry is required our personnel work under precise and comprehensive procedures, including task specific safety and escape routines using the correct breathing apparatus and atmospheric monitoring.

Dovewell Oilfield Services Limited own an extensive inventory of latest specification breathing apparatus, monitoring and communication systems. a unique combination of our specialist equipment highly trained operatives and safe working procedures all contribute towards providing a consistent and proven level of performance and safety.

Industrial cleaning equipment is a range of high specification vacuum, transfer equipment providing a range of airflow up to 7650m3 /hr (4500cfm) and dependent on the specific gravity (SG) and composition of the material a removal rate of up to 12m3 /hr.

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